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Communication Assistive Technology: Support for Credentialed Assessors

To help clinicians understand the process to become a credentialed assessor, complete Service Requests for equipment, as well as understand processes around issuing and repairing equipment, we have put together a guide here. We hope that this will make navigating the various websites and processes easier.

TalkLink is also pleased to offer a Credentialing Course designed to supplement the EnableNZ on-line modules:

CAT Level 1 Credentialing Course

A practical course run over 5 sessions for clinicians wishing to become CAT L1 credentialed. This training is designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge required to complete a Level 1 Communication Assistive Technology assessment and apply for Level 1 equipment independently through Accessable or EnableNZ.


Individual CAT training/support for gaining CAT L1 status – 5 x 1 hr sessions, total cost $575.00 including GST

Group CAT training/support for gaining CAT L1 status – 5 x 1.5 hour sessions, maximum 6 attendees, total cost $1207.50 including GST

Please note that travel costs outside of Auckland are not included. We plan to have virtual options available to reduce the need to travel. For more information contact  support@talklink.org.nz


Support for Credentialed Assessors – update May 2018

As part of the Disability Support Services EMS Accreditation Framework Communication Assistive Technology Credential, the Ministry of Health Equipment and Modification Accreditation Framework requires assessors to receive supervision for this role.  Supervision provides a mentoring role that aims to help the assessor learn from casework focused advice and discussion to progress their expertise, while ensuring good service to the client.

Supervision consists of the EMS Assessor meeting regularly with a supervisor to provide advice and discuss casework (recent assessments undertaken) in a structured way.

A supervisor will be an existing EMS Assessor with no less than two years’ experience.  The supervisor does not need to be more senior or of the same professional discipline, but will have at least equivalent expertise and training.

It is recognised that it is not always easy to have access to a “supervisor”.  Therefore ATANZ (Assistive Technology Alliance of NZ) and the TalkLink Trust (the Ministry of Health contracted Communication Assistive Technology provider) can assist with providing supervision opportunities.

New Supervision Package for Credentialed Assessors:

The TalkLink Trust is pleased to announce a new supervision package to support  clinicians undertaking Communication Assistive Technology / AAC assessments. It is designed for clinicians who hold Communication Assistive Technology credentialing.

There will be a nominal annual charge of $172.50 including GST,  which will include up to five hours of clinical supervision with one of our TalkLink clinicians, and can include:

  • Discussions regarding clinical reasoning
  • Up-skilling around equipment e.g. apps
  • Developing quality reports
  • Free attendance at an AAC Tools workshop (1 per annum, additional to the five hours supervision, value $57.50). The Tools workshop will be provided either face-to-face or virtually depending on location and demand

The fee will be charged from the time of sign-up for the supervision package.

The time allocation can be used via email correspondence, face to face meetings or phone/skype liaisons as suits the supervisee.

Clinicians requiring more than the five hours support per year will have the option to purchase additional sessions with their supervising clinician, at $34.50 including GST,  per hour.

AAC Tools Workshop

A practical, hands-on workshop where clinicians can up-skill around the latest AAC systems available for trial and assessment consideration. This workshop will focus on low, mid and high-tech options for clients who meet CAT Level 1 criteria. The session focuses on using SETT to inform decision making, identifying important features and functions of specific AAC tools and working through case examples to combine SETT and tool knowledge.

These workshops will be provided either face-to-face or virtually depending on location and demand, and will be advertised on the TalkLink website.

Cost $57.50 including GST

Please note this is free to clinicians enrolled in supervision through TalkLink

For further information please email support@talklink.org.nz

Please complete the following form if you wish to access the Supervision Package for Credentialed Assessors:

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