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Literacy Support at Home

Are you the parent or caregiver of a child with complex communication needs? Would you like to participate in a brief webinar looking at what activities your child could be doing at home and school to help support their literacy?


Based on evidence based best practise from the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies (University of North Carolina, and NZ based SLT Dr Sally Clendon, TalkLink teachers are offering a hands-on, practical webinar aimed at looking at each of the recommended literacy based activities children should be participating each day at school or home.

·       Independent Writing

·       Shared Writing

·       Independent Reading

·       Shared Reading

·       Alphabet knowledge and phonological awareness

 A range of strategies and tools will be shared that allow all students, including those with physical or visual challenges to access all of these literacy building block activities.

A one hour webinar held via Zoom at the following days/times

Thursday 9th May, 7pm - 8pm  - register here

Thursday 1st August, 1pm - 2pm - register here