APR 08 2022

Tip of the Month - April 2022 - Using Photo Filters to motivate communication

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Why should communication be motivating?

Communication should be fun! Think about all the reasons you communicated today – greeting people, sharing something funny that happened to you yesterday, requesting your favourite coffee and more! Now think of some of the goals we have for individuals who are learning to use a communication system – request to go toilet, request help when they don’t really want to do that activity - these don’t sound super fun and motivating, so why should they put effort into using their communication system?  These are important and functional goals but should be worked on when the individual is able to use their communication system a bit more independently and understands the power of being able to communicate with AAC.

In the words of Rachel Madel “Inspire don’t require”!* This is the mantra we’d love to see when teaching communication! Requiring someone to say a certain word will not lead to autonomous communication in the future.               

(quote from Nathan Wallis

How to use face filter apps to motivate and inspire communication? 

Lots of apps now have photo filters.  Here are some ideas of how to turn photo filters into a communication interaction rather than only a time to make choices. 

Facebook Messenger 
Why not video call a friend or family member and then try out some filters.  You can talk about ‘whose turn’ to choose a filter, whether you ‘like’ or ‘don’t like’ the filter, direct the other person to choose a filter with ‘lots of little pink’ to describe a filter with little pink hearts. Comment on whether the other person looks ‘silly, handsome, great’.